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Chatbots made easy

SmartChat by BlueMessaging is your one stop shop for building and publishing easy to use chatbots through any chat app. Its interface allows anyone and everyone to design and implement chatbots on the fly, no need for programming. If you can build a survey, you can build a bot!.

Streamline and Automate processes

The conversations you have with your customers will have deeper impact and lead to even more productivity with SmartChat's integration capabilities.

What does one stop shop mean for you?

Less Hassle

Build once without development, chat through any chat app providing a unified customer experience.

More Power

Turn conversations into actions working with the tools you already use.


Tap into our 5 years of experience building bots, we'll help you with everything from tips and tutorials to getting you up and running.

Chat with your consumers through their entire journey!

Sales & Promotions



Cross/up selling

Customer support

NPS & Referrals

New to Chatbots? No problem, our chatbots specialists will do it for you.

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So, what makes us different?

Intuitive user interface

No coding. No need to train your bot. Changes on the fly.

Deploy Everywhere

Create once, deploy on any channel that supports messaging.

Transactional Dialogues

Gather, obtain and integrate data to and from external databases. Computational capabilities embedded within bots.

Focused on user experience

Steer conversations to gain useful responses.

Field validation

Validate answers and choose the next steps depending on user responses.

Business process automation

Powerful rules engine to trigger alerts and actions API Based.

Logic and advanced navigation

Design your interaction with smart flows to activate and deactivate messages depending on workflows.

Deep analytics

Get live insights on performance with up-to-date redemption indicators and general results.

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Success Cases

Bots, the next frontier

Never before had businesses been able to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere, in a scalable and cost effective way.

Get in front of the billions of consumers using Messenger, KIK, Slack, SMS and many more chat apps.

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